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What to expect when you see a nutritionist

Going to see a nutritionist can be a daunting prospect particularly if you have been refereed by your medical specialist for a specific reason such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Initially we will complete a thorough assessment with information about your weight history, your current and past medical history, your family medical history, your food allergies and intolerances, your food likes and dislikes, your eating sleeping and exercise habits, past weight loss  attempts  and your emotional and social ties to food. We will discuss your goals and I will share my thoughts and give you feedback about your nutrition assessment.

Together we will develop a plan together.

Some people prefer a structured eating plan while other can with a short list of changes that are specific and measurable. A follow up appointment may be necessary to present your plan to you.

After that we will communicate daily either via email or phone  to discuss your progress, offer support, help you to feel confident about what you are doing and to track your progress and results.

Create personalised action plan: $180.00


"Rest assured that my main role is to assist you to identify your issues and work on a plan to solve them."