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MINDFUL Provision

Mindful provision is a month long journey that will take you to a new level of awareness in relation to your food. We all eat in completely different ways and for completely different reason. For some it is just a necessity to keep our bodies functioning, for others it is a response to stress and our busy lifestyle and we are constantly eating mindlessly. For others eating is a ritual and a pleasure.

These messages are constantly around us and it is difficult to get to the truth and find the right answers for ourselves. There are many excellent books on nutrition so this is not a guide on what you should or should not eat but ore a journey into how you feel about food and how to develop a healthy relationship with food. Food is a fact of life and we all need to eat so wouldn’t it be great to get to a level where you are in control of your food intake, feel good about what you eat and eat for nourishment and pleasure instead of stress and guilt.

If you have tried various diets in the past without long term success, have a long list of banned foods, find yourself not being able to get to a healthy weight or just know that your relationship with food is not healthy then this journey is for you. You will be challenged and will have to put some work in but the rewards will be so worth it. It is you that is important and at the end of the day you are only answerable to yourself. You are a valuable human being and you want to be in control of your eating so you can achieve the level of mindful eating that you know is possible.

The Mindful provision programme involves an initial nutrition assessment and introduction to the programme. We then meet every week for the next 3 weeks to introduce the following weeks challenges, to track your progress and help you to feel confident about what you are doing.

Cost is $295 for the 30 day challenge


"This journey will give you strategies to help you take control of your eating, to eat mindfully and to focus on what food means to you and your relationship with food."