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Product review - Hi Protein Bread


With another new bread out in the market I thought it would be good to look at the breads available and whether it is they are necessary.
The market is for children and with the school holidays here a household can go through a lot of bread as its a great snack and meal food.

The Tip Top® Hi- Protein Oat variant has 10.2 grams per serve, and the Soy & Linseed variant has 11.2 grams per serve (1 serve = 2 Slices/74g).

Compared to 2 breads we have in our household at the moment : Molenberg super thick bread which has 8.8 g of protein and Burgen Pumpkin and Chia seed bread which has 11.2 g of fibre.
In our diet we typically get a lot of protein from various sources such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds and dairy products.  if you are eating a well balanced diet then getting more protein from bread is probably not necesssary. If your children are transitioning from white to grain breads then this could be  a handy way due to the marketing to get them to try a  grain bread but if it came to finding another variety such as Molenberg on special then I would avoid the marketing hype and know  that a hi-protein bread is not really necessary.




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